Welcome to The World of Handbag Hooks…

The handbag hanger makes a fabulous gift for birthday, bridal party, mother’s days, Christmas, corporate , friends and family, so don’t wait any longer. Grab yourself one of these gorgeous handbag hooks, available in a fabulous array of colours and design.

Popular Designs For Year 2016..


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Highly Recommended Designs..


Gilded Aqua gilded purple Gilded Pink Heart Gilded White Heart Gilded Blue Ladybird Pink Ladypink Red Purple Mirror Hook Mirror Hook

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Ladies !!! Having problem of where to place your handbag when you are at restaurant, office, hair/beauty salon, cafe or other public places?

“On the floor?” No! Definitely not hygienic.
” On the back of the chair?” No! Easy for someone to slip off.
“On my lap?” No, not the most comfortable and stylish solution either.

Get hooked on it! Thanks to the genius Bag Hanger there is now a clever and glamour solution to take care of your handbag. You don’t have to worry anymore.

A handbag hanger to match every handbag!


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Handbag Key Holder

Never dig inside your Bag again… Another New Stylish, Fashionable, Practical Products – Handbag Key Holder is here!!!

To locate your keys at the bottom of your bag/purse in a parking lot or in front of your door step?

This could be very dangerous especially when you are alone in the dark. No more worries with the new little helper, Key Holder helps locate to your keys immediately.

The handbag key holder is a decorative key clip that hooks the edge of your bag/purse so that you don’t have to go digging for your keys. It is the most convenient way to locate your keys or cell phone on the side of your purse within easy reach.

How does a handbag Key holder work?



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Gift Wrapping Service

Too busy to shop for a gift to your girlfriend, friends, family members, collegues ?

 Gift wrapping service is available at Cherrico.

We understand that part of the fun of a gift is that it is a surprise! A nicely wrapped package can be like giving a second gift.

Write your own personal message and we’ll send the small greeting card with your gift.


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